Thursday, February 16, 2012

Monday Reservoir Run & Runners Conditioning

Controlled Burn Fitness Reservoir Run & Runners Conditioning
Mondays 4:00pm-5:30pm
Open to all fitness levels

Reservoir Run & Runners Conditioning
Whether you’re a walker training for your first 5k or a seasoned Marathoner, please join Melissa Adylia Calasanz of Controlled Burn Fitness at the Silverlake Reservoir Each Monday between 4pm-5:30pm to experience Runners Conditioning techniques that aid in avoiding injury and help to deliver the focused intensity you crave to help improve and maintain your performance.

4:00pm "Run Walk Hop Skip or Jog"
Join Melissa Adylia Calasanz of Controlled Burn Fitness at 4pm on Monday for a Run around the Silverlake Reservoir. You choose your distance. No Running required! You’re free to Run, Walk, Hop, Skip, Jog, or Dance for as long as you like. One lap around the Silverlake Reservoir is equal to about 2.25 miles.

($10 Cash) Post-Run Runners Conditioning Focusing on Runners-Specific Core-Conditioning and Flexibility.
A solid core is more than how many “Crunches” you can do.
It’s important for runners of all levels to address overall core stability. Incorporating a sports-specific Core-Conditioning routine aids in avoiding injury during both short and long runs.
Flexibility is not just about touching your toes. It is essential to have a body that is as supple as it is strong in order to perform at your best and to avoid injury.

What to Bring
Warm, dry clothes for after your run/walk.
A yoga mat (one can be provided if you post a request for one on the Controlled Burn Fitness Facebook Page by 12 noon on Monday.
Any questions about Runners Conditioning and overall health and fitness.
A smile!

Click Here for Google Maps Link
If you click on “street view” you will see a yellow sign with an arrow.
Head past that sign towards the grassy area and you’ll see a picnic bench on the grass.
This is where we will meet.