Melissa Adylia Gutierrez is Passionate
about helping athletes, dancers, and fitness enthusiasts attain and maintain,
healthy, balanced, and functional bodies.
Personal Trainer/Owner
Controlled Burn Fitness
Melissa is a powerhouse instructor that walks her talk and loves to deliver workouts clients crave. Her Controlled Burn Fitness Personal Training Sessions, Non-Impact Group Fitness Classes, Runners Conditioning and Warm Ups, Workshops, and Progressive Indoor Cycling Classes, are always unique and intense.
She is well known for giving everyone from the first time fitness participant to the hard core fitness enthusiast enough personalized attention to make sure that everyone feels challenged and that no one feels left behind-no matter how large or small the class.
Though Melissa has recently moved to Orange County, she still takes care of her amazing clients in the Los Angeles area. She looks forward to sharing her passion for health and fitness with more people in "The OC".
Melissa is happy to provide outstanding Personal Training, Non-Impact Group Fitness Classes, Indoor Cycling Classes, and Workshops for you, your Fitness Studio, Athletic Team, Run Club, and Dance Studio. Whatever you choose, you will be sure to enjoy an experience that will challenge, inspire, nurture, and educate.
Melissa may be serious when it comes to training her clients...
...but she still likes to have fun!

When She is Not Training Amazing Clients
In addition to running the Controlled Burn Fitness studio in Glendale, CA, you can find Melissa teaching Workshops for Athletic Teams, and other Fitness Studios around town; Leading Runners Conditioning Classes and Warm Ups for Running Clubs; Kayaking in Newport Bay; Running 5ks, 10k, ½ Marathons, and the occasional Full Marathon; hitting the trails with a backpack; enjoying a meal and fine wine with friends and family; and embracing her recent move to Orange County.
Get to know more about Melissa and her adventures by reading her Disciplined Indulgence Blog or find her on Facebook

Recent Highlights
  • Melissa is currently Guest-Teaching at Pedal Spin Studio in Montrose, Ca. She loves bringing her focused intensity to some of the most amazing Indoor Cycling enthusiasts, and endurance athletes during her "Pedal Precision" Indoor Cycling classes.
  • She has been leading Runners Warm Ups for A Runners Circle before their 6pm Thursday evening Fun Runs, Since early 2008.
  • Since 2008, Melissa has been building a reputation for helping runners to go for the intensity that they crave, while ensuring they avoid injury. She has been leading Runners Conditioning Classes, Workshops, Warm Ups, and clinics at The Controlled Burn Fitness Studio, Run Clubs, and many fitness facilities throughout Southern California.
  • In July of 2009, Melissa was chosen as one of 100 Female Ambassadors for the 2009 Inaugural Team Gosmart Program, sponsored by Omron and The goal of the program is to help motivate people to embrace a healthier, more active lifestyle by adding a walking program into their fitness routine.
  • During 2008, Melissa taught Controlled Burn and THE CLASS Group Fitness Classes at the Aquila/Yahoo Corporate Fitness Facility in Burbank, CA.
  • Melissa recently created and taught "Hybrid" Indoor Cycling Classes for The Burn Studio in Burbank, CA. The "Hybrid Classes" incorporated Indoor Cycling with Core-Conditioning, Breath Control, Body Awareness, and Conditioning Cardiovascular Endurance.
  • In 2007, Melissa had the honor of working with The USA National Men's Volley Ball Team. She was in charge of their Flexibility, Core-Conditioning, and Restorative Training, every Wed. at their training facility in Anaheim, CA. to help them in preparation for their participation in the World Cup held in Japan.
  • Melissa was also involved with an amazing program at the NIKE Studio Elite Training Center in Culver City during September, October, and November of 07’.
Past Clients and Projects Include
Melissa has enjoyed the opportunity to work with a wide variety of fitness levels during her career as a Fitness Professional.
She has worked with Olympic and Nationally Ranked Athletes, Celebrities, Volleyball and Tennis Players, Judo Wrestlers, weekend warriors, professional dancers, and first time fitness participants who have learned to love keeping their bodies fit and functional.
Melissa has even worked as a Wilderness Medical Support Climber during a 1 month long climbing expedition in Tasmania.
Personal Training Philosophy
Melissa believes that a personal training program should be truly personalized and understands that no one program fits all. She takes great pride in paying close attention to details especially when it comes to skeletal alignment and muscular balance and endurance.