Controlled Burn Fitness Non-Impact Group Fitness Classs
are available to be booked as a 1 Hour Solo Private Class or may be booked for groups of up to 10 participants at the hourly Personal Training Rate at the location of your choice.

Classes are also available to be booked at locations throughout Southern California.
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Class Descriptions

Controlled Burn Fitness
No muscle left behind! Excellent for Runners, Dancers, Athletes, and Fitness Enthusiasts of all Levels!
This class explores tools/techniques to help enhance, challenge, support and improve your training and to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced, and functional body.
You will enjoy exercises designed to improve flexibility; challenge and integrate your core; improve muscular stability of your feet, legs, and pelvis; explore the balance of strength and flexibility and its effects on your muscular stability; relax and restore your body; and leave each class with plenty of tools to help enhance your training and help achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced, and functional body.
Each class will progress with consideration to all participants and will attempt to address any special requests/concerns.
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AMP (Asana Mat Pilates) is an invigorating morning workout combing energizing Yoga and Mat Pilates exercises to condition your core, and tone your arms, buns, and thighs. Each class ends with a revitalizing and centering cool down and stretch to help you start the day.

Pedal Precision Indoor Cycling
This is not your typical Spin class!
This is a WORKOUT!
Pedal Precision Indoor Cycling Classes incorporate
Breath Control
Body Awareness
and Endurance.
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Book this class at your Indoor Cycling Studio or Fitness Facility!
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If you’ve always wanted beautifully toned legs, beautiful posture, lean and feminine arms, and a derriere to die for, then THE CLASS is for you!
This is the ultimate non-impact, booty-lifting, thigh-toning, and core-intensive experience that does even more than make you look and feel great!

This is an energizing, non-impact, body-firming workout combining cardio with light to medium weights, resistance tubing, and your own body weight to help challenge, condition, and tone your body. Your arms, abs, and boo-tays will thank you for it!
Limit 5

Gentle Conditioning
Enjoy all the benefits of the regular Conditioning Class but at a slower, gentler pace.
Modifications are made in this class to make working-out accessible to almost everyone.
This is a great way for people who are trying to introduce or re-introduce a fitness routine into their lifestyle.

Band Camp
This is an Intensified, Non-Impact, High- Calorie Burning Workout using resistance bands and resistant tubing to tone your entire body and intensely challenge your core. You will feel the BURN!
Limit 5

Guided Restorative Relaxation
This class combines the exploration of different breathing techniques while gently luxuriating in supported restorative yoga poses, with the use of bolsters, blanket, blocks, and straps to make this class the nurturing experience that our minds and bodies crave.
Once you try it, you’ll want more.
Limit 4

Adult Beginning Ballet
If you’ve always wanted beautifully toned legs, beautiful posture, lean and feminine arms, a derriere to die for, and the focused discipline that a Ballet Class offers without the pink tights, then this is for you!
Each class includes all the plies, tendus, Floor Barre (and more) set to both classical and contemporary music.

Performance Enhancing Core-Conditioning and Flexibility
This class is for those who want to take their fitness training to the next level.
This class is all about “attention to detail”…this can be intense, challenging, even humbling.
This class will guide you through performance enhancing techniques, used by some of the world’s greatest athletes, dancers, and fitness enthusiasts. This class will challenge/integrate your core, relax and restore your body, and give you plenty of tools to help enhance all your workouts.
Effective Core-Conditioning is about: finesse, taking your time to slowly address full range of motion where it is possible, integration of breath/body/intention, understanding, welcoming, and addressing your physical limitations, and enjoying the journey.
4 Participants Max

Your body WANTS it! Your Body NEEDS! You DESERVE it!
Each class begins with a gentle and considerate warm up that is ideal for preparing one’s mind and body to embrace the flexibility and conditioning training that is offered in this one hour class.
The class will incorporate exercises designed to allow you to connect yourself with your mind, breath, and body to enable you to “soften” and relax into each pose/posture/exercise in order to allow your body to benefit from flexibility training.
Each class will end with a relaxing inventory and cool down in order to luxuriate in your body’s new found suppleness
The class can be intense, humbling, but should not be painful.
Please call ahead to inform your instructor of any concerns or limitations.