Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Controlled Burn Fitness Classes Available in The OC!

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Orange County!
Controlled Burn Fitness
This is the ultimate 1 hour Non-Impact, Core-Intensive, Full-Body-Conditioning experience designed to help each participant attain, and maintain a healthy, balanced and functional body.
Each class incorporates performance enhancing techniques used by some of the world’s greatest athletes, dancers, and fitness enthusiasts, to:
  • Improve flexibility
  • Challenge and integrate the core
  • Improve muscular stability of feet, legs, and pelvis
  • Learn to love Planks :) and build confidence in your upper body strength
  • Relax and restore the body
Controlled Burn Fitness Classes are excellent for all fitness levels, from the first time fitness participant to the elite athlete.

Classes begin on time
Please arrive early.
It is essential to be present for the entire warm up to ensure you get the most out of each class.
No warm up =No class…because Melissa cares about your body, and so should you.

We do it with BARE FEET!
Bring a towel. You will need it!
Bring some water. You will drink it!
Bring an open mind and please let your instructor know, before class begins, if you have any physical limitations, concerns, or questions.

Build the best foundation for your runs!
Controlled Burn Fitness Classes are the best Runners Conditioning Classes around!
Controlled Burn Fitness Classes help Runners of all fitness levels
Go for Intensity while Avoiding Injury.
Whether you’re a walker training for your first 5k, a Marathoner who wants to avoid injury or recovering from an injury; an elite runner; or ultra runner who desires focused intensity to improve and maintain your performance,
Controlled Burn Fitness Classes will help to get you there!

Book It!
For you, your Run Club, or Fitness Studio, at the location of your choice.
Contact Controlled Burn Fitness for more information

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