Personal Training, Group Fitness Class, and Workshop Policies
To ensure a positive Controlled Burn Fitness experience
it is helpful to become familiar with the Policies and Etiquette
Please arrive early
All Personal Training Sessions, Classes, and Workshops begin at the scheduled time and end at the scheduled time. Personal Training Clients, please refer to your contracts regarding punctuality and cancellation policies.

Participants arriving late to any Group Fitness Class or Workshop will not be allowed to participate and will not be granted a refund or extension. It is essential that each participant is present for the entire warm up to ensure you get the most out of each class.
No warm up = No class No exceptions

It is each client's responsibility to inform your Trainer/Instructor, Melissa Adylia Calasanz, about any injuries, limitations, modifications, etc. before a Personal Training Session, Group Fitness Class, or Workshop begins.

It is each client's personal responsibility to keep up to date with the classes offered, schedule changes, cancellations, additions, and announcements, by checking the Controlled Burn Fitness Facebook Page. Changes are posted daily.

All Controlled Burn Fitness Personal Training Sessions and Group Fitness Classes are done with Bare Feet. Please remove your shoes upon entering the studio. Let your tootsies breathe.

Controlled Burn Fitness is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen items. Please leave valuables at home.

Personal Training Clients, Group Fitness Class and Workshop Participants are expected to bring a towel and water for each scheduled Session/Class/Workshop.

Please, arrive to your Personal Training Sessions, Classes, and Workshops wearing appropriate fitness attire. Your clothing should:

  • Allow full range of motion while maintaining modesty 
  • Not trip nor inhibit your ability to perform an exercise 
  • Allow for your Trainer/Instructor to view the outline of your body; especially feet, knees, shoulders, neck and back.
  • Support your bosom
  • Keep your body at the desired temperature and comfort level throughout your class. Please feel free to wear layers and use them appropriately from the warm up, through the work out through the cool down.
Please arrive fueled, focused, hydrated, and ready to work hard.

Please be considerate to your Trainer/Instructor/Fellow Participants by leaving your perfume/cologne/fragrance at home.

Please leave all food, gum, and drinks other than water, at home.

Thank you so much for making each Controlled Burn Fitness Experience a great one!

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