Monday, January 30, 2012

WED 2/01/12 Pedal Precision Indoor Cycling Class

Wednesday Last Minute Special
 Pedal Precision Indoor Cycling Class
Photo By: Tavis Coburn

This is not your typical Spin class!
This is a WORKOUT!

Pedal Precision Indoor Cycling incorporates
Breath Control
Body Awareness
and Endurance.

The class is Intense, all about Finesse, and sometimes Humbling
While following a general structure of relentless intensity, each class progresses with consideration to all levels of participants, and will be adjusted to accommodate the group's physical strengths, and limitations. Pedal Precision Indoor Cycling Classes are appropriate for all fitness levels, from first time riders to hard core fitness enthusiasts.

Come with an open mind
Be prepared to try some new things, and feel free to ask any questions on how to intensify or modify your workouts to fit your needs.

Please arrive early
We begin class on time.
It is essential that each participant is present for the entire warm up
to ensure you get the most out of each class.
No warm up =No class

What to bring
Your desire to get sweaty while enjoying an intense workout!
A Towel-you will need it! Water-you will drink it!

Please arrive fueled, focused, hydrated, and ready to work hard
What you put into your body determines what you will be able to give to your workout.

Classes may be booked at your Indoor Cycling Facility

Please visit Facebook to keep up to date on Controlled Burn Fitness and Pedal Precision Classes, Workshops, and Specials.

1 Week Guest Passes for the Fullerton Location
for anyone who posts a request for one on the
Pedal Precision Facebook Page!
The FREE pass also allows you to attend the
M/F 6:00am Controlled Burn Fitness Classes
Wed 6:00am AMP Class
Wednesday 7:00am

Fullerton YMCA
2000 Youth Way
Fullerton, CA 92835

Classes may be booked at your Indoor Cycling Facility

Friday, January 27, 2012

AMP (Asana Mat Pilates)

Asana Mat Pilates

(Asana Mat Pilates)

An invigorating non-impact workout, combining energizing Yoga and Mat Pilates exercises to condition your core, and tone your arms, buns, and thighs.

Each class includes gentle stretching done while connecting with your mind, body, and breath.
Classes end with a revitalizing and centering cool down and stretch.

AMP classes are a delicious way to enjoy an hour of your day, and are the ideal companion to marathon training, and all other fitness programs.

Book this class at the location of your choice


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