Wednesday, September 12, 2012

UPDATE: 6am Classes Reservations Required.

6am Classes Closed to Walk-Ins
Reservations are now required to attend.
Please leave a post/message on the
Controlled Burn Fitness
Facebook Page
A minimum of 24 hours notice is required
if you wish to attend.
-Melissa Adylia Calasanz

*Please make note of updated pricing.

Controlled Burn

M/W/F at 6:00 am
Starting Monday, August 27th-September 28th

One Body Studio

How Much
*Single Class: $18 Cash through September (reg $25)

Controlled Burn is a unique, non-impact, fitness class designed to help each participant attain, and maintain a healthy, balanced and functional body.
Each one hour, core-intensive, full-body-conditioning class incorporates performance enhancing techniques used by some of the world’s greatest athletes, dancers, and fitness enthusiasts.

Each slow and controlled exercise is designed to:
  • Improve overall strength and flexibility
  • Improve body awareness, breath-control, and endurance
  • Challenge and integrate the core
  • Improve muscular stability of feet, legs, and pelvis
  • Learn to love Planks and build confidence in your upper body strength
  • Relax and restore the body

No dance or athletic experience needed
Controlled Burn fitness classes are wonderful for an absolute beginner yet can be challenging enough for a professional dancer or athlete who wants to focus on alignment and technique.

Arrive fueled, focused, and ready to work hard
Each class will progress with consideration to all participants and will attempt to address any special requests/concerns.
Please be sure to inform your instructor of any physical limitations or concern prior to participating in class.

Classes Begin on Time
Classes are kept small to ensure personalized attention.
Please arrive early to ensure your spot. 
It is essential to be present for the entire warm up. 
No warm up =No class…because Melissa cares about your body, and so should you.

Classes are done with bare feet
Your feet are your foundation. 
Give them some love and they'll be happier to take you places! 
Let your tootsies breathe

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