Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pedal Spin Instructor Shares a Little about Herself and then shares a Refreshing and Healthy Lunch

Cindy Bell asked me to share a little something about myself and my teaching style for the "Pedal Precision" Indoor Cycling class that I teach at Pedal Spin Studio on their blog.
Check it out:

Hello Everyone,

This is Melissa Adylia Gutierrez, the Monday “Pedal Precision” Instructor at Pedal Spin in Montrose. Some of you know me very well, and some of you only know of me as the unforgiving Monday night “Pedal Precision” instructor.

I don’t mind it at all that I have a reputation for being demanding. I love the clients who are drawn to my class because they are the type of athletes and fitness enthusiasts that demand as much from an instructor. Yes, my class is demanding, yes, I expect those who attend to be there to work, but I will always be considerate of limitations.

Ask any of my clients. There have been many days that I have demanded that a client “take it easy” or tell them they “better go get a massage or go to a restorative yoga class before they even consider coming back to class.”

As it says in my bio when you register for the class, my class is NOT a typical “Spinning” class. My class is an intense and sometimes humbling workout, however it is excellent for all fitness levels as long as they keep an open mind. I will only teach a class that I would also enjoy taking-a demanding class that gives me what I paid for!

Yes, I am intense. Yes, I will keep on top of ideal skeletal alignment. Yes, I will keep on top of everyone, unless they’ve spoken to me before class and brought to my attention any issues. Yes, I am guilty of bringing out the best in those who choose to attend the classes that I teach.

My class is definitely not for everyone, and that is one of the main reasons I love guest teaching at Pedal Spin Studio!

The greatest thing about Pedal Spin is that they have the most amazingly diverse selection of instructors! When I first began teaching at Pedal Spin, I made it a point to try each instructor and I can happily say that every one of them has something fantastic to offer the Pedal Spin clientel. There really IS something for everyone. I suggest you try them all too!

So, as you’ve noticed, I am passionate about helping athletes, dancers, and fitness enthusiasts attain and maintain healthy, balanced, and functional bodies.

I am also passionate about sharing my love of food and adventure with others.

Feel free to check out my latest entry for a Refreshing and Healthy Lunch. I would also invite you to take a look at my Blog Disciplined Indulgence for ideas for healthy, inexpensive meals, and some indulgent food adventures. Check out my Controlled Burn Fitness Blog and Controlled Burn Fitness website for more information on how to keep your body looking and feeling great. And if you’re really curious, hunt me down on facebook.

I look forward to seeing you in class!

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy Day!
-Melissa Adylia Gutierrez
Owner/Personal Trainer Controlled Burn Fitness

The original post can be found on the Pedal Spin Studio Blog

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