Thursday, September 30, 2010

Marathon Training Season has Barely Begun and I’m already Hearing about Easily Avoided Running Related Injuries!

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Some of the most overlooked and almost never mentioned reasons why injuries occur in runners is the fact that the majority of runners ignore the necessity to build a proper foundation for fitness before they decide to run, and to add insult to injury, many do not give their body a proper warm up and inventory before they begin a run.

I see many runners, once they have been injured, whose injuries could have been avoided 99% of the time.

There is no reason why anyone who runs slower than an 8 minute mile should get injured as long as they have a functionally trained, balanced body.

I encourage runners of all levels to invest 1/3 of their training time to conditioning a balanced and functional body, which means a body that is as strong as it is flexible, whose core has been trained sports specifically (that means standing core work. You don’t run on your back so why would you do your core work while on your back?), and feet that have been conditioned to endure what you will be dishing out to them; another 1/3 to recovery, which includes rest, massage, and inventory, and of course, the other 1/3 to your runs.

Read Care and Conditioning of Your Feet which gives great examples on why it is important to invest in your feet before you invest in your next pair of running shoes".

Go for the Intesnity. Avoid the Injury!

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