Friday, December 23, 2011

The Care and Prevention of Injuries: In a Nutshell

The Care and Prevention of Injuries

It is my passion as a Health and Fitness Professional to help athletes, dancers, and fitness enthusiasts attain and maintain healthy, balanced and functional bodies. An appropriate warm up prior to activity, a fitness routine that includes the care and conditioning of the feet, cross training done with consideration to specific goals, and adequate rest and recovery, are the basic ingredients to help my clients care for and prevent injuries.

This concludes the paper I had written for the Saint Mary's LEAP100 PPA Class Kinesiology Challenge. I had broken the paper down and posted it as a 4 part series over the last few weeks.
To read each of the 4 parts, you can find the links at the bottom of this post.
Thanks so much for taking the time to read these and I welcome any comments, suggestions, and questions.
Wishing y'all a Happy and Healthy Day!

Written by:
Melissa Adylia Gutierrez
Saint Mary's LEAP100 PPA Class Kinesiology Challenge

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