Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Controlled Burn Fitness: Performance-Enhancing Core-Conditioning Classes & Workshops

Controlled Burn Fitness
Performance Enhancing Core-Conditioning

Effective Core-Conditioning is about finesse
These Classes and Workshops are all about attention to detail, and designed for those who want to take their fitness training to the next level. The Classes and Workshops are intense, all about finesse, and often humbling.

Each Performance-Enhancing Core-Conditioning Class and Workshop guides you through performance enhancing techniques, used by some of the world’s greatest athletes, dancers, and fitness enthusiasts. 
Each Class/Workshop will begin with a gentle and considerate sports-specific warm up, ideal for preparing your mind and body to embrace the intensity that will follow.
Core-Conditioning exercises will include various planks, standing core work, sports-specific stability training, and more.
After you have sufficiently challenged your core, you will enjoy a relaxing cool down, inventory, and stretch.
You will leave each Class/Workshop with plenty of tools to help enhance all your workouts.

Be prepared
Arrive fueled, focused, and prepared to work hard.
Wear non-baggy clothing that maintains modesty without restricting movement, and remember, all Controlled Burn Fitness Classes are done with bare feet.
Please bring a towel and some water.
Leave all perfume/fragrance at home.

To Book a Private
Controlled Burn Fitness Performance Enhancing Core-Conditioning Class/Workshop
please follow this link to submit your request.
Visit the Controlled Burn Fitness Website for rates

4 Participants Max

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