Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Controlled Burn Fitness: Stretch Class

Controlled Burn Fitness

Your body wants it! 
Your body needs! 
You deserve it!

Class Description
Each Controlled Burn Fitness Stretch Class begins with a gentle and considerate warm up, ideal for preparing one’s mind and body to embrace the flexibility and conditioning training that is offered in this one hour class.
The class incorporates exercises designed to allow you to connect with your mind, breath, and body. Cultivating the mind, breath, and body connection enables you to “soften” and relax into each pose/posture/exercise.
Each class ends with a relaxing inventory and cool down so you can luxuriate in your body’s new found suppleness.

Be prepared
Arrive fueled, focused, and prepared to give your mind, breath, and body one hour of your undivided attention. 
Though this class involves very little movement, the class can be intense, even a bit humbling.  Stretching can uncomfortable, but it should never be  painful.
Bring a yoga mat. 
Leave all perfume/fragrance at home.
Wear clothing that maintains modesty without restricting movement. 

You will always be encouraged to work within your body's range of motion
Please inform your instructor, prior to class, if you have any physical limitations or concerns.

To Book a Private Controlled Burn Fitness Stretch Class
please follow this link to submit your request.
Visit the Controlled Burn Fitness Website for rates

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