Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Core Conditioning: Table Top, Plank, to Push Up Series

Table Top, Plank, & Push Up Series

leads marathon runner, Andrew, through the
"Table Top to Push Up Sequence."

The key to this exercise is to go slow
Done correctly, this sequence is excellent for
Conditioning the Core
Building Endurance
Upper Body Strength
Mobility of the Hips
Breath Control
Body Awareness

Nearing the end of a training session with marathon runner, Andrew,  Melissa Adylia Calasanz of Controlled Burn Fitness leads Andrew through his 4th Table Top to Push Up Sequence.

This sequence is excellent for both the physical and mental conditioning necessary for endurance training.

It should be done slowly, focusing on keeping the breathing relaxed and in harmony with each movement/transition.

The sequence is completed, slowly, 4 times, which is considered 1 set.

For beginners, the objective is to complete each sequence while maintaining proper form and dignity.
A rest of up to 30 seconds is appropriate between the completion of each sequence.

As strength and endurance builds, the rests become shorter.

The goal is to build enough strength and endurance to complete the sequence, 4 times, without a rest.

For more advanced/conditioned clients, the goal is to complete 4 sets while still maintaining the slow and controlled pace, ideal form, and dignity.


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