Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Biggest Loser Season 14

Do you want to live a happy healthy and functional life?
Or do you crave abuse from someone who has been put upon a pedestal by Television Network Executives?

A NOTE to people who hope to lose weight and are Biggest Loser Fans 

Though I have a reputation for being an intense and demanding personal trainer, working out efficiently, and losing weight successfully does NOT require a trainer to SCREAM and push a client to puking, falling, fainting, and risking injury! 

If that is the type of workout you crave, please look elsewhere for a personal trainer who promotes self-abuse, because that is NOT something I would ever endorse, promote, or deliver to any of my Controlled Burn Fitness clients.

I am happy to admit that I am actually a fan of The Biggest Loser. 

I do appreciate that the show does inspire many people to start moving and reevaluate the decisions they make about food and fitness.

However, I do not support the abusive nature of training that is presented during each episode.

Please, be kind to your body, even when pushing it to it's limits, so it will be willing to continue to deliver what you demand from it.
Stay happy, healthy, productive and kind!
-Melissa Adylia Calasanz
Controlled Burn Fitness

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