Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Personal Training

Controlled Burn Fitness
Personal Training
It's Personal!

Everyone, at some point in life, needs a little extra help to reach their goals.
It is important to realize that our physical goals have a direct relationship to our personal goals.
It is brave, it is exciting, and it is sometimes humbling when we finally ask for that extra push.
Expect hard work, expect sweat, and expect the times when you think you can't do it anymore. But also expect the times when you are reminded that it is OK to be more considerate to you, your time, and your body.

Each Personal Training Session is a 1-Hour, Private Session prepared just for you.

The Personal Training Session is carefully designed to help you reach your fitness goals all the while paying close attention to essential details such as skeletal alignment, muscular and cardio strength, endurance, and flexibility. Each Session will also include beneficial exercises that are designed to enhance your body awareness; challenge and condition your core; improve your muscular control and posture; optimize core integration and endurance.

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