Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Runners Conditioning Classes

Runners Conditioning Classes
Wed Evenings
This Series is Excellent for Runners, Walkers, Dancers, Athletes and all other Fitness Enthusiasts
See Below for Pricing

3521-A North Verdugo Rd
Glendale, CA 91208

Each Class Includes
Physical Inventory of each Participant
Warm Up
Focus on Articulation of Feet
Stability Training
Core Conditioning
Flexibility Training
Cool Down

Class Description
The Runners Conditioning Series introduces performance enhancing techniques designed to challenge, support and improve a runner’s overall performance.
Each class will explore tools/techniques to help enhance your training and to help you achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced, and functional body.
You will enjoy exercises designed to improve flexibility; challenge and integrate your core; improve muscular stability of your feet, legs, and pelvis; explore the balance of strength and flexibility and its effects on your muscular stability; relax and restore your body; and leave each class with plenty of tools to help enhance your training and help achieve and maintain a healthy, balanced, and functional body.
Each class will guide you through a gentle and considerate warm up in order to prepare your body for intense and focused work on isolation, integration, and articulation of all the muscle groups that are essential for running.
Each class will explore gentle yet intense stretching techniques that are useful for all levels of flexibility, and will end with a cool down designed to relax, restore, and thank your body for all the hard work that you ask of it.

The 1 ½ hour class will progress with consideration to all participants and will attempt to address any special requests/concerns.

Please come with an open mind, be prepared to try some new things, and feel free to ask any questions on how to intensify or modify your workouts to fit your needs.

This series encourages you to gain a new awareness appreciation of your body's abilities and needs.

Cash/Check Rate*
1 Single Class $35
2 Classes $60 ($30 each)
4 Classes $100 ($25 each)

1 Single Class $40
2 Classes $70 ($35 each)
4 Classes $120 ($30 each)

*No Transfers, No Refund, No Extensions, No Exceptions
Your Birthday: FREE! Please Bring Your ID

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