Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Breathtaking Hike in More Ways than One

I love looking for those words when hiking/running a trail for the first time

Looking for a great workout
Run these trails

Looking for a relaxed and beautiful day with great views and tons of wildlife
hike these trails

Enjoy the best of both worlds?
Who said you had to choose...do it all!

This is where it all begins

Plenty of info and plenty of trails to choose from
if you've got the time, the options are endless

Get ready for some Hills!
You'll find groomed fire roads and single tracks along the way

Here are some more hills
Up and Down Up and Down

You'll also see plenty of mountain bikers
99% of the mountain bikers I have encountered out here are friendly,
considerate, and pretty impressive

If you ever decide to mountain bike these trails-or any other for that matter-be nice.
Just imagine your Grandma is on the trail enjoying the view and some jerk on a bike ran her down
Don't be one of "those guys".

Did I mention there were hills?
But wait, there's more

The coyotes must be eating really well out here
because I saw tons of scat on the trail with lots of fur

And then I saw one of these!
it wasn't really jumping at me, but I sure thought it was going to kill me!

The fuzzy little fella cruised on outta the brush
chilled in the trail
and looked at me like I was an idiot.

Well, I sure was acting like one!
Jumping up and down growling at the top of my lungs, swinging my trekking poles, doing some lamed-a**ed Oooga-Boooga dance trying to make myself look big.
After about a hundred years (probably 25-35 seconds) the kitty just (shrugged, I swear it did) turned it's head and slowly walked away

Keep in mind that the pictures I draw are even worse than the pictures I take
The Bobcat was about 3 Subaru Outback Wagon lengths away from me when we stumbled upon each other on the trail
You can get the picture, right?

Thank goodness this is the next breathtaking view after the kitty
The beautiful Pacific Ocean overlooking Crystal Cove in Newport Beach, CA

Just about a mile down the trail and you get to the Ranger Station
You should really check it out. Lots of info, maps, and a clean restroom

Grab a map here for the Blue Route and make your way back along Moro Ridge
There are several places to stop and picnic.

Don't want to hike it alone?
Book a Controlled Burn Fitness Hike for the Solo or Group Adventurer

In case you were wondering
Elevation: 100' to 900+'
Distance: 11 miles
Other Critters I see when I'm out there
Tons of bunnies
Road Runners
Animal Tracks
Friendly People


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