Thursday, April 21, 2011

Go “Barre-less” for the Month of May!

Go “Barre-less” for the Month of May!
Adult Ballet Fitness Classes
at The Controlled Burn Fitness Studio
We’ll be doing it “Barre-less”
 Pre-Registration Required

Mon/Wed/Fri 9:00am-10:00am
Up to 3 Classes per Week
12 Classes Total!

Starts: Wed May 4th
Ends: Mon May 30th

The Controlled Burn Fitness Studio
3521-A North Verdugo Road
Glendale, CA 91802

Please call to reserve your spot

How Much*
Pre Registration Required
Register by April 25th
$225 (less than $19 each)
Register by April 29th
$250 (less than $22 each)

Cash Payment Savings Option*
Register by April 25th
$200 (less than $17 each)
Register by April 29th
$225 (less than $19 each)

Drop In Rate if Space Permits*
$25 CK/CC
$25 Cash

*No Extensions, No Refunds, No Extensions, No Exceptions

Great for
  • All ages (over 18), shapes, sizes!
  • Anyone who wants a great non-impact workout that will give you legs and buns to die for.
  • Anyone who wants to improve their posture, core stability, and flexibility
  • Anyone who has always wanted to try ballet but was afraid of pink tights and being hit with a stick.
  • Any Dancer who wants to brush up on technique without having to worry about choreography.
  • Any Dancers who are working through, or recovering from, an injury and want to focus on technique.
  • Athletes and fitness enthusiasts who crave a more focused and intellectual fitness experience.
  • Athletes, especially runners, who want to transition in to barefoot running;
  • Athletes, especially runners who are recovering from injuries (recurring shin splints, plantar issues, excessive tightness in hips, hamstrings, calves, etc) and have been cleared by their doctor to start engaging in physical activity.
No Pink Tights or Ballet Slippers Required! : )

Classes Include
  • A considerate full body warm up.
  • Basic “Barre-less” Ballet Class- fine-tuned to give your buns and legs an exhilarating burn that lifts and tones like crazy. By going “Barre-less” (not using a ballet barre), muscle imbalances and bad habits are revealed; enabling you to focus on underused muscles; Ideal symmetry can be achieved by letting dominant muscles take a back seat.
  • Ballet “Floor Barre” exercises that focuses on improving flexibility and condition your core.
  • Beginning to Intermediate Level “Barre-less” Class-the class will progress with consideration to the level and interests of the participants.
  • Close attention to placement, articulation, and alignment of feet.
  • Take Home Program with Ballet Terms; Definitions; Descriptions of Basic Ballet Positions, and Exercises.
  • Discount when you Pre-Pay for both the May Ballet Classes and the May Unlimited (10am Controlled Burn Fitness) Group Fitness Class Series. Contact studio for details.
Class Size will be kept small to ensure personalized attention

A Credit Card is required for Registration
Please leave a meassage with
  • Your Full Name (please spell your first and last name slowly)
  • Phone number
  • The best time to return your call to confirm your reservation

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